About me 

My name is Emma I am a single mummy to the beautiful Elizabeth, I work full time so my crafting is done in the evening after my dinner when my tiny human is in bed.

I studied Art & Design for two years specialising in Sculpture, I have always considered myself 'Crafty' always drawing and knitting. I found my passion for sewing in 2009 after the birth of my daughter, where  I made my first Bunny.


From that Bunny The Crafty Mouse was born, I am happy to be part of a huge supportive network of crafters, I love learning new things, this year I am happy to offer two new products, Moulded Crayons and handmade Bunnies. All these items can be ordered direct from the shops.





What are Keepsakes made from?


Normally for children people send Babygrows,

however it doesn't have to be babygrows, you can send me anything, t-shirts, trousers, skirts, jumpers, coats or even that lovely little baby blanket languishing in the corner, or perhaps a baby towel, you decide, it’s entirely up to you what you want your keepsake made out of. If I have any problems I will contact you straight away. Note. I prefer not to use satin.


How Personalised can Keepsakes be?


Well all my keepsakes are different, I can take buttons and add them, I can add an embroidery (£5.00) with names, dates on. I try to use a little of everything you send me, so keepsakes can come back with removable clothing, hats, hoodies or even slippers. You have a choice on the face, if you want eyebrows, eye lashes, big smile, little smile, no smile, sideways smile, and most importantly what colour nose!!!

How Long Does it take to get a Keepsake?


Keepsake times can vary greatly depending on my workload and family commitments. I am unable to gurantee delivery on specific dates due to my general lifestyle which is extremely hectic most of the time. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if any queries with regards to timescales at the time of ordering, a minimum wait of around ten weeks is normal.


Do you ship to the USA

Unfortunatley I am not taking orders for the USA.


Yep, I'm in, what do I do now?


You can now order via my website or contact me using the contract tab (items will be out of stock during busy periods).




I use paypal as a payment option, this means you will be able to pay by card also.